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The most basic question if you are being investigated in a crime or have been arrested is what to do next?

Your primary concern at this, or any other stage of a criminal proceeding, is to retain the best possible criminal defense firm.

A criminal conviction can change your life for many years or even permanently in some cases. People with criminal convictions often face numerous obstacles once their cases are over or they have served their sentences. Employers and landlords will screen your criminal background and deny you opportunities. You may have trouble enrolling in schools, traveling, or getting a driver’s license or a professional license.

At Expert Attorney Help, we understand the enormous obstacles facing people convicted of crimes. If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a crime, it is imperative that you not try to handle your situation alone for law enforcement officers and investigators will do all they can to entice you into talking about your case and accumulating evidence against you.

It is not possible to recall everything about the facts of your case, so even minor changes in your account of your involvement, or noninvolvement, could seriously hamper your defense should you be charged with a crime.

Advising an officer that you will only talk to an attorney, no matter if you have been arrested or not, is the wisest and safest path to take, no matter how upset or threatening the officer may be toward you.

The criminal defense lawyers at Expert Attorney Help are always available to advise you. Our team of skilled and savvy professionals are familiar with the tactics used by law enforcement and have successfully defended clients in the most serious or dire situations.

Do not hesitate to call Expert Attorney Help if you know or suspect you are under investigation, or if you have been arrested. Our early involvement in your case could be the difference between your freedom or incarceration.

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