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Theft and robberies are considered as one of the most aggravated crimes that a person can commit. It is not easily understood how serious a theft and robbery charge can be and how much it will impact your life. That’s because although robbery and theft are referred to as the same things in every day speak, legally they are different crimes and have different consequences.

Theft is a broad legal term that refers to any instance when a piece of property is taken without its owner’s permission. Usually, this crime is classified as a crime against property. If you have been allegedly accused of theft, then you should contact an attorney at Law group for dedicated representation.

Robbery legally refers to the act of taking property away from its owners through the use of violence and intimidation. The main different between robbery and theft is that robbery is that the owner must be presents as its being taken. If these do not occur thenthe crime does not qualify as robbery.

Theft and robbery are normally felonies, although the class depends on the amount of force used. For example, if someone uses a weapon then they may receive 15 years of prison, however if someone uses a dangerous weapon, like a gun then the felony is more severe and is therefore punishable to up to 40 years in prison.

If the threat involves a weapon of some kind, like a firearm, then your case will be increased into a higher level of violent crime. If you are accused of armed robbery you may face prison up to 30 years. If anyone is injured or killed during the crime, the court system will decide whether or not it is applicable to add a monetary penalty to the family of the victim .

If you have allegedly committed theft and robbery, make sure to contact a lawyer at law group. If you know you are innocent then it is even more important to contact a criminal defense attorney. We have decades of experience as criminal defense attorneys and can assist you with your trial.

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