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Being charged with a criminal offense is a serious and frightening matter.

If it is a serious crime, you face the loss of your freedom, large fines, and consequences that can threaten your standard of living for years to come.

The most important decision you can make in this situation is retaining the best criminal defense law firm. But lawyers, as we all know, are expensive. So how do you approach the issue of legal fees?

Most criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations. After discussing your case, the issue of fees will arise. The single most significant factor in the cost of your legal defense is the seriousness of the charge. Obviously, the more severe the offense, the larger the cost. An attorney handling a serious criminal case must devote considerable time in researching the law, exploring possible defenses, using skilled investigators to interview witnesses and survey the crime scene, and retain experts in various specialties to attack the credibility of scientific and forensic findings in areas like blood, DNA, or economics.

In these types of cases, the attorney will usually ask for a retainer fee that is placed in a trust account and withdrawn for approved fees and expenses. You will be charged by the hour and will have to deposit more funds once the account fees are depleted.

In other cases, an attorney may only charge you a flat fee such as in a DUI or other misdemeanor case. Some attorneys may charge you a lower fee only if your case does not proceed to trial and then charge a much higher fee for trial. You should only pay a fee that encompasses the entire defense since each case should be handled as if it will be tried in court.

At Expert Attorney Help, we realize the tremendous financial burden of a criminal case and we can discuss with you ways for you to pay our fees. Remember, though, that your freedom and future is at stake, so you should be prepared to pay for the best possible criminal defense attorneys who only have your best interests in mind.

At Expert Attorney Help, you can be assured that all your rights will be protected and your case thoroughly investigated. Our team of attorneys and support staff prepare each case with the possibility of trial to give you the best possible defense and opportunity for a satisfactory outcome. Contact us today.