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If you know you are under investigation for having committed a crime, it is essential that you immediately contact a criminal defense attorney

Knowing that law enforcement suspects you of a crime usually begins when police show up at your home and begin questioning you. Although you are not under arrest at this time and the police do not have to “Mirandize” you, or advise you of your right to remain silent and to have access to an attorney, you should politely inform the officers you would like to consult with your attorney before answering any questions.

Most people in this situation want to cooperate with the police by denying any knowledge of an alleged crime or their participation in it. The police are generally very friendly and want you to talk freely.

Falling into this trap can be extremely harmful if you are eventually charged with a crime. Anything that you say at this stage will be used against you, especially if your account or sequence of events changes at all. Even a simple conversation can seriously affect your defense should be you be charged.

Another scenario is that you could be arrested and detained but not charged. The police can keep you up to 72 hours in many circumstances before you can be charged. Many suspects end up talking to the police, especially if they are “promised” immediate release, or that less serious charges or no charges will be filed against them.

You must have the presence of mind to decline to talk at all to the officers and then immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer. The attorneys at Expert Attorney Help are familiar with this tactic by law enforcement and are always available for you to consult.

Having a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer from Expert Attorney Help on your side can often result in having no charges filed against you or having lesser charges filed.

Don’t hesitate if you are under investigation to call Expert Attorney Help to ensure protection of your Constitutional rights.