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Few experiences in life can compare with being arrested.

The police suddenly appear at your home or take you from you car or work, order you to place your hands behind your back while they apply handcuffs, and take you into a squad car. Many people feel like a caged animal.

Invariably, an officer will ask you to make a statement or to answer questions. The police already have at least some evidence against you so anything you say can only help their case against you. Any statement you make, no matter how innocuous, could severely damage your chances for mounting a viable defense.

Once arrested, politely inform the police that you will not say anything and ask to speak to an attorney. At the police station or detention facility, resist the urge to speak to any other suspects in custody about your case.

You have the right to a court-appointed attorney if you cannot afford one, but having an experienced and knowledgeable private criminal defense attorney at the earliest stage of your criminal proceeding can preserve any potential defenses, preserve evidence, ensure a deeper commitment to your case, and protect all your Constitutional rights.

Police and their investigators will often promise an accused that they will be released or that lesser or no charges will be filed against them if they talk now. You need to resist this temptation and realize that these are empty promises that the officer will deny ever making.

Having the experience and professionalism of a criminal defense attorney from Expert Attorney Help on your side is essential to obtaining the best possible outcome in your case. Our team of attorneys, investigators, and experts in forensics and other matters will work diligently to vigorously defend you.

Call Expert Attorney Help immediately if you or a love one are arrested. Your future demands the dedication to your case that our firm can provide.

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