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Being charged with a DUI, or intoxicated driving, is no laughing matter.

You can lose your license for months or years, be forced to pay exorbitant insurance rates for an indefinite period, be subject to having an ignition interlock system on all your cars, serve time in jail, and have a criminal record that is publicly available.

Not all DUI cases are the same. Typically, law enforcement officers are predisposed against you and will embellish their observations of you to justify their suspicions that you were under the influence. Also, your driving conduct that caused the officer to pull you over may have been based on factors other than drinking such as fatigue, weather, road conditions, or poor judgment that is also exercised by sober drivers.

Your alleged poor performance on any field sobriety tests is also subjective and can be reasonably explained by innocent factors such as any disabilities you may have or by the officer improperly administering these tests.

If you took a breath test, a skilled defense attorney can challenge the results of the test such as the protocol and calibrations used and other factors that can influence the results. Depending upon the circumstances of your case, a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can raise other defenses and reasonable alternatives that can cast doubt on the officer’s judgment or credibility or whether you were even under the influence at the time you were driving.

A sound DUI defense can only be mounted by attorneys who have extensively handled these cases and have achieved success at trial. At Expert Attorney Help, we have teams of top DUI defense attorneys, investigators, and forensic experts whose skills have been tested and proved successful on numerous occasions.

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