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Are you facing assault and battery charge?

Assault and battery is a criminal accusation and therefore should be taken seriously and not ignored. The consequences can destroy your future, financial standing, employment, and essentially your life. Contacting a criminal defense attorney that is experienced with assault and battery is imperative to potentially reducing such allegations.

Assault and battery are two different legal concepts under the United States law. That means you may be charged with one of the two crimes. Most of the time individuals are charged with both because assault and battery are closely related. The main difference between both assault and battery depends on if physical contact with the victim is made or not. If you believe you are guilty or have been a victim of either assault and battery then it is strongly recommended that you speak with a lawyer about your case.

If you were arrested for assault and battery charges it does not mean that you are guilty. Many assault and battery cases have been dismissed due to mitigating circumstances during the event of the incident. For example, the other person involved may have provoked you, or you may have acted in self-defense. Regardless of the circumstances leading to your arrest, it will be imperative for you to have your own attorney representing you.

If you are accused of either crime, the lawyers at strongly advise you to seek legal defense. While legal defense is not imperative, it can be helpful in criminal cases such as assault and battery. We have lawyers that are well versed in the assault and battery law so contact us today.

If you are a victim of assault and battery, you should understand that when choosing an assault and battery attorney you want tomake sure that you select an attorney that takes the time to explain your case and the law to you. A lawyer that will take your case on a contingency basis is also a great option.A contingency basis means that if you win your case and receive an award or a settlement, then your attorney is paid from that amount. However, if you do not recover any sum of money or award, then you owe attorney absolutely nothing.

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