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Under most laws, criminal homicide is defined as the intentional killing of another person. If you are under investigation for allegedly committing a homicide or a murder, or if you have been charged with a murder or homicide, or if you have been convicted and believe you have been wrongly convicted, then you should contact an expert lawyer at CriminalAttorneyHelpNow.com law group right now. We will give you a great analysis of the case against you when you contact us.

There are three classifications of homicide. First degree homicide or murder is considered as a calculated act of killing a person due to malice and hatred. The majority of homicide crimes fall under this category. Second degree homicide or murders are considered less severe than first degree murder. The main difference is that the killing is without malice and any premeditation. Third degree murder or manslaughter is considered a less severe crime than the aforementioned crimes. Many of the crimes are based on reckless behavior such as drinking under the influence.

If you were charged with homicide it does not necessarily mean that you are guilty. Excusable homicide is different from justifiable homicide on that basis that it involves fault on the other person who decided to use lethal force. For example, if another human being provokes or starts a fight and withdraws from the fight, out of necessity or self-defense, and kills the other person. The homicide is therefore classified as excusable homicide and not justifiable homicide.

The sentencing for many homicide charges are life imprisonment with no parole for at least ten years. Homicide law is very complicated and there are many intricate details of criminal laws governing homicide. That is why it is best if you contact an experienced criminal attorney.

You should know that hiring a criminal defense attorney will greatly increase the chances of an accused individual to possibly be cleared of the charges. If not cleared of the charges, then it is very likely the charges will be reduced or lowered. Representing on-self is not the best option and a specialized criminal defense attorney may even be able to reduce the sentence.

It is very important that you contact an expert homicide attorney at CriminalAttorneyHelpNow.com law group. We have an excellent track record in handling criminalcases in all types of areas.

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